The Austins

Trace and baz

First up Trace, our design Queen, paperwork goddess, the woman who the vision and drive to get it to where it is now. You might recognise her from her years managing Shearer’s Quarters or her time at Maree Hynes Interiors. 
And Baz, he’s the builder, the creator, the king of the lawns! He’s traded in his years on the football field and sideline to get the vineyard to where it is today, although he occasionally sneaks back on for the odd game.

Being one half of the team that created the Musterer’s Hut in Twizel means this isn't their first rodeo, these guys love travel, beautiful spaces, amazing food, meeting new people and of course, a yarn!


The Fenwicks

Sam and Dani

Dani’s years have been spent child rearing, calf feeding and working at Speights as well as Lonestar. She and her mum Trace make the perfect team. She’s learning the vineyard ropes, helping plan menus and functions, keeps the kids semi under control and will likely sneak a few more animals in.

Sam is a farmer so naturally he is our livestock guy, heavy lifter, occasional bar man and part time child wrangler. He and Dani met 12 years ago when he was managing The Speights Ale House so he’s got some hospo skills hidden away, as well as a bad sense of humour that we make sure stays hidden.


The Ferals

Barclay, Sylvie and Moss

Lovingly dubbed “the ferals” these guys bring the fun, dance parties and just the right amount of chaos. They’re homeschooled so are a big part of life here!

Barclay 8, he’s Barry Jnr and is super keen on the veggie garden, has plans to breed chickens and get himself some bees. He’s our gentle guy that loves everything nature.

Sylvie 6, she’s wild and free spirited, loves loud music and a good snuggle. Shes’s in the market for a new horse and has her heart set on being a farmer so the animals are her thing.

Moss is 18 months old, he’s troublesome and sweet. Loves nothing more than touching everything he shouldn’t, climbing, escaping and not sleeping. He’s also ridiculously cute and has us all wrapped around his finger!